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A great place to be: introducing .uk to the family

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A great place to be: introducing .uk to the family

Nominet has at last added direct .uk to their “A Great Place To Be” campaign website.

However instead of mentioning the consultation the SLD is introduced as a new member of the existing ‘family’!


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Nominet’s Board November Report

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The Nominet board met on the 29th November 2012 and have issued the following statement regarding the .uk consultation:

The Board received an update briefing on the progress of the ongoing consultation in which the registry structure could be changed so as to allow registrations at the second level of the .uk domain hierarchy. The Board noted the large number of formal consultation responses received so far, and the very wide range of opinions already submitted in relation to the main features of the proposal. It was clear that a full analysis following the end of the consultation period would take several weeks The Board would then consider that feedback and decide next steps, with agenda time at the meeting scheduled for 26th February being set aside. The Board thanked the Nominet staff dealing with the consultation for their good work to date in bringing the proposal to very wide public notice and debate.


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Please note the content on this website may have been written before the final version of the release rules by Nominet. There were two consultations in October 2012 & July 2013 and the final version was published in November 2013. Dot uk was launched on 10th June 2014 and the official current .UK rules can be found here: