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If you have publicly commented on the consultation or written a letter to any organisation about it please send us any material to publish here. We feel that this consultation should be an open and transparent process.

PRO or CON – we want to know, and we want the public to know.

Nominet .uk consultation responses made public 20/11/2013

Nominet has now made public the majority of responses to the second .uk consultation:


2nd Nominet .uk Consultation – Submitted Responses:

These are copies of submitted consultation responses that have been provided to us:

Andrew Bennett –
Alex Bligh – Ex-Nominet Director
Stephen Wilde –
Chris Smith –
Mark Ayres –
Graeme Wingate –
Emily Taylor –
Lucien Taylor –
Oscar O’Connor –
Paul Keating –

2nd Nominet .uk Consultation – Public Responses:

These are blog posts and reports made public by interested parties:

Andrew Cormack (25/09/2013)
Response: JANET response to Nominet consultation on second level domain names

ISOC: English Chapter (24/09/2013)
Response: .uk Second Level Domain Registrations – two

Open Rights Group (20/09/2013)
Response: Say no to the Nomitax!

Alex Bligh (25/08/2013)
Response: Net Into Dire Muck (an anagram of Nominet Direct UK)

Stephen Wilde (20/08/2013)
Response: Get involved or lose your .uk domains

Open Rights Group (08/08/2013)
Response: Nominet trying again with .uk proposals

ICO (17/07/2013)
Response: The Information Commissioner’s response

Edwin Hayward (16/07/2013)
Article: A tale of 2 Nominet consultations, .uk and .wales

Edwin Hayward (12/07/2013)
Article: For Nominet, .uk domains are ALL about money

Graham Charlton (12/07/2013)
Article: Nominet stands to gain millions from .uk domains, but do businesses really need them?


1st Nominet .uk Consultation Responses

Nominet’s consultation responses will not be viewable by the public – only their ‘summary‘ is published online.

We aim for this to be a public forum where businesses and organisations can publish their views for others to see,
similar to the current consultation about the opening of the .nz namespace, where letters have been made public.
New Zealand .nz consultation overview with submissions by companies, which produced responses like this graphic one from

Current open letters and responses:

Edwin Hayward –
Report: Introduction of .uk – Don’t Do It! (But if Nominet must do it, they should do it fairly)

Stephen Wilde –
Report: .uk understanding the consequences (What is wrong with the Nominet uk Proposal?)

Adam Grunwerg –
Blog: Nominet’s plans to launch the .uk domain – good or bad for UK business?

The Information I Ltd –
Response: call as Nominet Fail to engage its stakeholders

John Carr OBE: Children’s Charities’ Coalition on Internet Safety
Letter: Response to Nominet consultation on the future of the .uk domain

Alex Bligh: Ex-Nominet director and founder
Blog: Nominet “Direct UK” consultation and Direct registrations in .uk (again)
Response: Response to Consultation Document

Andrew Cormack: JANET
Response: Nominet consultation response

Peter Tinson: UCISA
Response:  Response to Nominet’s Consultation on a new .uk domain name service

Peter Bradwell: Open Rights Group
Response: Response to Nominet consultation

RevK: Andrews & Arnold Ltd
Response: Response to nominet .uk namespace consultation

The Information Commissioner (ICO)
Response: The Information Commissioner’s response

Open Source Consortium
Blog:  Consultation on a new .uk domain name service
Response: Nominet consultation response

ISOC: The English Chapter of the Internet Society (ISOC)
Response: ISOC .uk feedback – SLD proposals

Steve Dyer: Ex-Nominet Director
Response: Forum post (requires Nominet Member Login)

BCS: The Chartered Institute for IT
Response: Consultation Response to: New .uk domain name service


Please note the content on this website may have been written before the final version of the release rules by Nominet. There were two consultations in October 2012 & July 2013 and the final version was published in November 2013. Dot uk was launched on 10th June 2014 and the official current .UK rules can be found here: