.co.uk Victims – Explained

Disclaimer: The content on this website may be outdated by the 3rd & final proposal on 20/11/2013

Under the current proposals by Nominet for opening up the .UK namespace there will be many losers.
Businesses and individuals affected by the current .UK proposals are registrants whose domain name is a generic term, a surname, first name, geographic location, a one/two/three letter name or somehow a popular name trademarked by many people.

Having spent many years promoting .co.uk as “A Great Place to Be” and even continuing to this day to run a separate website AGreatPlaceToBe.co.uk Nominet convinced British businesses of the value of .co.uk domain names.

Many businesses invested heavily in acquiring, developing, using or simply holding domain names that suggest pole position in a particular business category. Names like Flowers.co.uk, Banks.co.uk, Money.co.uk, Finance.co.uk, News.co.uk, Gifts.co.uk, Sports.co.uk, Golf.co.uk, CreditCards.co.uk, Bunches.co.uk say it all.
The businesses acquiring these names often did not have trademarks on a particular term but were active in that line of business. The current proposals by Nominet are a slap in the face for these businesses.

.CO.UK domain without exact trademark = automatic loss of the equivalent .UK domain to a trademark holder (current proposals by Nominet)

For a list of examples of businesses and individuals affected see .co.uk Victims List

If you are worried if you or a friend are affected you can use the following search tools:
– Trademark research (UK and international) at TM.co.uk
– Nominet Whois Registrant information at Nominet Whois Lookup Tool


Please note the content on this website may have been written before the final version of the release rules by Nominet. There were two consultations in October 2012 & July 2013 and the final version was published in November 2013. Dot uk was launched on 10th June 2014 and the official current .UK rules can be found here: www.dotuklaunch.co.uk